We attended the Mixed Reality Dev Days and tested HoloLens2

Early this may, Microsoft organized the first ever Mixed Reality Dev Days conference at their headquarters in Redmond, Washington and our developers Ferid Memed and Vidak Mijanovikj were there. Mixed Reality Dev Days is a developer conference focused on Microsoft’s Mixed Reality devices and services, and around 400 people from all over the world attended it.

Here they talk about their experiences and what they have learned:

“At the conference, we had the chance to try Microsoft’s newest MR device – the HoloLens 2. We were not only given the opportunity to try out simple demo applications which showcased the new, improved hand tracking, but we could also try deploying our own samples and applications. We managed to do so with little to no difficulty. Namely, we deployed our own samples, which leveraged the device’s eye tracking, which also worked quite well. Additionally, on the hands-on sessions, we succeeded in porting one of the applications, which was originally meant for the HoloLens 1 to the HoloLens 2 in a very short time.

The device itself is quite an improvement over the original HoloLens. Microsoft were not kidding when they said that they had improved the comfort and reduced the strain from wearing it by three times. It is now much more comfortable for wearing and practically does not require it to be put down during development, as the front visor can be lifted so that the lenses don’t cover the user’s field of view anymore. The field of view is also improved and Microsoft claim that they have developed a technology, which allows an unlimited field of view, and we are more than eager to see what they manage to do with it.

This was a very valuable experience for us, as we were able to get insights into the upcoming AR/MR technologies quite early and confirm our capabilities of working with them along the way. We are looking forward to getting our first HoloLens 2 device and increasing the value we offer to our customers even further.”