The network of our partners sustains our success. It expands the Netcetera «augmentIT!» team with a big pool of knowledge and experience. In collaboration with its partners, Netcetera «augmentIT» is constantly creating new competitive advantages. We work together with the following experienced partners:

Since 2004, bitforge is an independent swiss mobile development agency. With it’s strong passion and it’s Swiss based team of creative engineers, bitforge belong to the top performing frontend developer in the Swiss market. Due to their numerous projects in various industries, they built a well founded knowledge in augmented reality in the last ten years. Whatever your project requires, with a strong focus on user experience and long term solutions they will strongly contribute to the success.

Innoveto is specialized in driving innovation in the early stages of development. We are living the design thinking approach – daily and consequently. We work agile and focus on user needs to develop ideas fast and successfully, validate these concepts immediately and create value for our customers. Innoveto is a registered trademark of Crowdinnovation AG and was founded in 2011 in Zurich.