How to train people using HoloLens 2 with work instructions


On 12 of July together with 800 XR professionals we were present on this year’s online conference organized by SSVAR.


By Ivana Paskoska 28 July 2020

On this year’s conference for VR & AR organized by the Swiss Society, Reto Grob, our Head of Augment IT, spoke about HoloLens 2 and InspectAR.
Apart from giving a brief introduction about the full potential of mixed reality, the main focus was on how current paper-based working methods can be digitally transformed and innovated.

In the following video presentation, Reto gives a detailed explanation about how Hololens 2 improves the current working methods for font line workers. This includes working faster, safer and also improves training because every individual work step is followed by navigation to the next checkpoint on the physical object.

Furthermore, an outstanding User Experience plays a crucial role when using Mixed-Reality-Headsets.
To give a better insight, these aspects are presented in several live demos during the talk – Check it out!

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