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We are your partner for innovative mixed and augmented reality solutions.

Zdravko Nikolovski
Architect AR
aka The Mechanic
Reto Grob
Head of AR
aka The Godfather
Benno Häfliger
Head of Sales
aka The Value Creator
Micaëla Raschle Grand
Head of Market Strategy
aka The Storyteller
Samuel Meerstetter
Project Manager
aka The Enabler
Rafael Pérez Süess
Business Development
aka The Business Devil
Julien Villiger
Senior Software Engineer AR
aka The Creator

Ferid Memed
Software Engineer AR

Alek Petreski
Software Engineer AR

Vidak Mijanovikj
Software Engineer AR

Martin Mitrevski
Senior Software Engineer AR

Elena Apostoloska
UX Engineer AR
aka The Wow-maker

Technology and industry expertise
– An important combination

In order to augment the reality of your industry we work together with our Netcetera industry experts in the domains of health, energy and transport.


If you want to talk to an expert, learn more about our use cases or start working on your ideas, then contact us now.
We help to innovate and augment your business.

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Augment IT Offices

Netcetera AG, Hirschengraben 6, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

Netcetera AG, Zypressenstrasse 71, 8004 Zurich, Switzerland

Netcetera GmbH, St.-Anna-Platz 2, 80538 Munich, Germany

Netcetera DOOEL, ul. Partizanski Odredi 72a, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Phone: +41 44 297 55 55

Email: talkto@augmentit.ch

Web: augmentit.ch