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AR technology is bringing digitization to places that previously had little contact with IT. In industrial halls, factories and logistics centers. Or in the healthcare and life science sectors. Are you ready to benefit from new possibilities that bring added value for your business, pay-off quickly and improve your everyday life sustainably?


Contact us if you want to bring more efficiency and safety to manufacturing, improve inspection and maintenance processes, and completely redesign knowledge transfer and training!

With the Inspect AR platform, we operate an off-the-shelf solution that lets you get started in just a few hours. Or do you have your own processes that you want to redesign with innovative AR technology? As a full-service augmented reality provider, AugmentIT also develops custom AR solutions for professional use in industry, life science, logistics and healthcare. AR technology is developing rapidly – rely on an independent expert. Together we can bring added value to your company.

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Why AR applications are worthwhile for you?




As an active learning method, AR is ideal for employees training in the shortest possible time. Knowledge can be transferred more quickly and in greater depth.

Interactive augmented reality instructions are projected directly over products, parts, machines and in entire plants.  Employees can practice complex tasks in their real context, remember them more easily. Direct guidance in 3D has been proven to reduce misinterpretations. This allows you to work with your employees more flexibly – even on machines or systems they are usually not used to operate.



Data-based maintenance and inspection processes can be improved quite easily.

Adapting digital instructions or incorporating feedback is very easy. Thanks to the simple web UI, processes can be adapted quickly, e.g. with knowledge from employees who are retiring – and rolled out immediately. The very next inspection follows the new process. With machine learning or further algorithms, you can improve processes even further by randomly fading in or out inspection points depending on the frequency of defects.



Save time and increase quality – with checklists, digital work reports that can be evaluated, defect recording or mobile remote support.

Travel costs are reduced, downtimes shortened. And expert knowledge becomes available to everyone more quickly. With augmented reality, employees can complete their tasks more efficiently, whether they use AR glasses or an augmented reality app on their smartphone.



With AR software, you have an overview of all maintenance work and benefit from real-time error reporting.

Issues are identified in real time and can be eliminated in using the issue management system. All inspection results are documented in a 100% transparent and traceable manner, e.g. to adher to compliance guidelines.


Virtual site visits save time and costs.

The technology enables inspection and maintenance tasks to be completed more quickly. Whether via live navigation or remote support, the expert virtually joins the service technician on site and can provide very genuine support. Less business travel also means less downtime and happier employees.

AR solutions by Augment IT

Digital tools for training, guidance, inspection – whatever you need!

Remote Guidance for Engineering and Manufacturing

Do you have factories and machinery in remote locations? Then sending experts for diagnostics and repair is time-consuming and expensive. Imagine the expert coming over virtually!

AR and supporting notes or information in the image help describe knowledge without words and provide cross-language support. This way, the expert guides employees on site to solve or avoid problems – in real time! This reduces travel costs and avoids production downtime. You want to use augmented reality as one of the most practical tools for remote assistance? As a partner of the most different platform providers we advise you neutrally and find your best solution
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Remote Assistance

Custom Augmented Reality Development and Consulting

Agile like a start-up, but with years of experience, we develop cost-effective solutions that meet your business needs with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency.

You are not sure how to best implement the new technology in your company? Or do you already have very specific ideas about what you would like to improve, but are still looking for the best tools, components and devices for your individual process? With our expertise in custom software development, we can advise you on all aspects of AR technologies and end devices. As a full-service provider, we implement the solution for you.

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Custom Software
Which features does Azure Remote Rendering offer?

Employee training and education

Make your employees an expert efficiently by giving them the information they need right at the spot they need it. With augmented reality, they learn directly in front of the machine or plant.

With the right application in place, your company will also be well equipped for the shortage of skilled workers or demographic change: Knowledge can not only be passed on, but also captured. This way, your employees retire, but their know-how remains in the company.
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Augmented Reality for  Maintenance and Inspection

Do not rely on paper and pencil any longer, but on a digitalized inspection process supported by augmented reality!

With Inspect AR, you work faster, with fewer errors and with traceable results. In this way, you create the preconditions for ongoing improvements. Thanks to clear, visual instructions, the inspection is no longer tied to a specific expert. Our software makes expert know-how virtually available on the real object. This allows you to deploy all employees more flexibly and quickly. Available for mobile devices, mixed reality glasses and industrial data glasses. With our out-of-the-box solution, you quickly achieve success.
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Augmented Reality Visualizations

Bring your ideas to life with the unlimited visualization possibilities of augmented reality. For building and infrastructure visualization, a true on-site view is possible – and early troubleshooting.

Use 3D product models interactively on site for demonstration purposes! Do you have complex models with 20 million polygons or point clouds with millions of points? Everything already implemented on HoloLens 2 with Azure Remote Rendering or iOS: We make your CAD data in AR easily available and scalable

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Utilizing new service potential

As a manufacturer, you not only increase your service quality with augmented reality, you can also unleash new sales potential. With Remote Guidance, you bring your expert knowledge directly to the customer on site. Train your customer’s employees remotely, collect maintenance data in real time for predictive maintenance, keep service documents and protocols at the customer’s site always up-to-date! Augmented Reality enables real customer focus and new service models.

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Custom Software

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    Devices and platforms

    We find the right solution. For your business

    We follow a best-of-breed approach, and we are independent of platforms and mobile devices. For us, the focus is on AR applications that provide our customers with the best possible support in their working environment. No matter which device, solutions from AugmentIT are designed to run on future generations – and are therefore absolutely investment-proof. We have many years of experience and have already developed numerous projects for smartphones, tablets as well as HoloLens 2, Oculus Quest 2, Magic Leap, RealWear or Vuzix. We see great potential in the virtual reality glasses Oculus Quest 2, e.g. for trainings, joint inspections, virtual inspections as well as on-site. Read more in our blog post about the advantages of the different devices..

    Would you like to buy or test devices? We are an official partner of Microsoft and RealWear and offer you the devices including support.

    Get professional advice from us!

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    HoloLens 2

    HoloLens 1 & 2

    Oculus Quest

    Oculus Quest

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    iOS and Android

    iOS & Android

    HoloLens 2

    HoloLens 1 & 2

    Magic Leap

    Magic Leap

    Oculus Quest

    Oculus Quest





    iOS and Android

    iOS & Android

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    The professional variant HoloLens 2

    Mixed Reality is ready to use

    Microsoft HoloLens 2 brings you a whole new immersive and comfortable augmented reality experience. Lightweight, compact, and smart, HoloLens 2 improves comfort, increases the field of view, and delights with sophisticated gesture and voice control. You can wear HoloLens 2 longer and use the technology in a variety of productive scenarios.

    Thanks to Azure Spatial Anchors, Azure Remote Rendering and Azure Object Anchors, we develop advanced AR experiences very efficiently. This allows us, for example, to create shared AR experiences that work reliably over long distances or to work with large amounts of data.

    As an official partner of Microsoft, we will be happy to inform you about further possible uses of HoloLens 2 in your company, e.g., around a dedicated solution for your specific use case or about an existing product. We will also be happy to handle the order and delivery for you.

    Do you need more information about this innovation?

    We will show you how it works.

    Microsoft Mixed Reality
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    Frequently asked questions

    Yes, we see ourselves as an agency around Augmented Reality and support customers with our know-how from numerous applications. In this way, mature AR apps and AR software for very individual needs are created again and again – for companies but also for research. In addition, we advise on all aspects of Virtual Reality (VR) and Virtual Reality applications (e.g. VR Apps). Especially in the simulation area, Virtual Reality is often an interesting choice.
    The first steps are often the same: We start with a proof-of-concept or pilot project to validate the concrete feasibility of the application and the added value in your environment. We clarify how the data flow and integration work in your system landscape, which interfaces are needed and which specific additional requirements can be implemented by you with reasonable effort. We are also happy to develop a concept for how you can make optimal use of this technology.

    Our out-of-the-box solutions can be integrated directly into your IT landscape. So you’ll be productive faster without any major effort. Individual AR solutions typically take several months, depending on requirements. We always make sure to use the best possible components for our customers – and to keep the costs within reasonable limits.

    With augmented reality, you see the world around you as it is. It is enhanced with additional interactive information in the real environment. That’s why it’s also called augmented reality, because the real world and virtual content are visible at the same time.

    It is different with virtual reality, or virtual reality. To use a VR application, for example a virtual reality app, a completely closed VR goggle is needed. The user moves in a completely virtual space and sees nothing but a virtual world.

    One more note on hardware: you don’t need to invest in high-end data glasses to use the technology. Android smartphones or tablets are ideal for getting started. With the latest generations of iPhones and iPads, Apple delivers very high precision for AR navigation.

    We are your expert partner for innovative mixed and augmented reality applications. As an augmented reality agency, we offer the complete range of services: We create a concept and take over the programming up to the implementation of your augmented reality solution. Just like the consulting around data glasses or the use of mobile devices. This enables you to exploit the full potential of AR technology, optimize processes, create new experiences and innovate together.
    Augment IT is a business unit of the medium-sized Swiss software company Netcetera AG. With 700 employees in eight offices worldwide, Netcetera supports medium-sized and large companies in their digital transformation into high-tech enterprises. In addition to its core business as a provider of financial software, Netcetera has established other pillars.

    Augment IT is a full-service provider for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology. As an augmented reality agency, we are also happy to implement individual augmented reality applications, VR projects and AR solutions for our customers. We support optimizing processes, creating new AR experiences and making expert knowledge available everywhere.

    Inspect AR for inspection and maintenance is ideal for plant checks, inspection rounds, incoming and outgoing inspections, final inspections, safety and compliance checks, or for regular maintenance to ensure quality, e.g. as an app for the smartphone.

    Today, inspection processes of plants and products are often paper-based and manual. Analyses and interpretation of inaccurate inspection results often lead to wrong conclusions. Thus, traceability for future improvements is limited. In addition, the inspection process itself is often tied to one inspection expert and not transferable to other employees. As a result, the inspection process is often slow and not reliable.

    Numerous industries such as mechanical engineering, life science, logistics, transportation, aerospace & defense, etc. have already recognized this and are using augmented reality software or apps to gain competitive advantage. AR content such as AR instructions is also being used in the life science and chemical sectors for plant control and quality assurance. In industries such as transportation, logistics and building services, augmented reality combined with AR glasses is very useful because both hands remain free for important tasks. This saves time and increases quality.

    In the future, more industries will want to use a robust and secure capability that scales across multiple application areas: e.g., onboarding, training, field service management, safety inspections, meeting compliance requirements, individual process improvements, sign-offs and maintenance. In addition, new capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will become available for better predictions. In the short term, integration with the Internet of Things (IoT) will become an increased topic, such as for live display of sensor data on machines. In essence, however, developments in the AR market will primarily: continue.

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    March 9th, 2020

    HoloLens 2: AR applications for greater efficiency in the enterprise

    Microsoft’s AR glasses HoloLens 2 are “business-ready”. We show what this means and which use cases already exist for the AR glasses.

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